How To

DDP101: How To Join and Build a Decentralized Dance Party

The first and best advice is to follow us on Instagram and Facebook  for news about upcoming DDP events. 


  1. Register for our recurring event on Eventbrite
  2. RSVP for our upcoming events via Facebook
  3. Save the date/time/link in your calendar!
  4. Set the stage – get your costumery, your props, your virtual Zoom background, your anything and everything to make your party your own. 
  5. Join at the day and time. 
  6. DANCE!

For even more details, check out our Virtual Party Strategy Guide.


Since COVID19 struck, Terrestrial DDPs have undergone a marked shift towards “socially dis-danced” Parties. Download the DDP app to locate live Parties and to broadcast your own Party beacon! Read the full instructions in our Tips for Sharing the DDP Back into Public Spaces

For Best Effect: Observe the Manifesto – Your Guide to Successful Partying 

The Party Manifesto is a carefully sculpted wisdom-craft honed in the sacred fires of Party Unity. Spread the lore of this overview below, and read the full manifesto here


The DDP 8 point Party Manifesto