Who Are Tom and Gary and What Is This Thing?

We are Tom and Gary, two lifelong friends who hail from The Future.

And we are the founding fathers of Tom and Gary’s Decentralized Dance Party AKA The Party Revolution.

Our goal is to further the frontiers of Partying, bring joy to millions of people and ensure that Partying is respected, legitimized, and forever enshrined as a cultural institution of paramount importance.

Together, we will crush the despotic Party paradigms of yore and launch a new era of free and democratic Open-Source Partying.

Having traversed the wilds of the last decade, growing from tens to tens of thousands of people across several continents and reaching new heights of Party unity, we’re now deep in the final stage of our evolution – the Global Party Pandemic. The Ultimate Vision is to bring the Party to every corner of the globe and ignite a new epoch  of Peace. 

Everyone Is Invited.

Don’t stop here – our video catalogue can entertain and inform for hours on end. Start out below.