While the pandemic has created unprecedented levels of social isolation, the Decentralized Dance Party (DDP) has been working tirelessly to develop revolutionary new technologies that boost spirits and enhance connection worldwide.

We hope you will join our quest to turn the entire world into a dance floor and earn the Nobel Peace Prize for Partying.


The one-of-a-kind documentary A Battle Plan For World Peace: The True Story of the DDP is officially in pre-production!

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Since March, the DDP has hosted weekly, wildly successful mixed-reality Parties and in August, helped co-create a new “Love-Based Social Network”, a core building block of this year’s Virtual Burning Man.

We aimed for a Simultaneous Global Dance Party on World Peace Weekend September 19! EVERYONE was invited and an EPIC Mixed-Reality Party manifested WORLDWIDE!
This Peak Experience Party gave us the final footage we need for… The DDP Documentary!

Our 26th weekly Virtual DDP was held on September 24 at Burning Seed – Australia’s regional Burning Man Event.

And a Global Party Activation also took place on Hallowe’en!

Want more info? Check out this Medium post to learn more about our future aspirations, or watch the videos below for more insight into what these Parties are all about.

“Mixed-Reality” Decentralized Dance Parties blend the signature online “Virtual” Parties with in-person “Terrestrial” Dance Parties for maximum fun:


This Nightline video provides Unparalleled Insight into the pre-COVID magic that DDP brought to the streets, which we now bring to living rooms and hearts worldwide.